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Sphynx Cat Silver Proof Coin 2013: Super Cat

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Dogs and Cats Collection of Silver Coins

Sphynx Cat Silver Proof Coin 2013: Super Cat

The Sphynx cat silver proof coin has been released by Fiji in 2013 as part of the Dogs and Cats collection of silver coins. The Sphynx cat coin features the super cat in full colour on the coin and includes a zirconia crystal element. This stunning Sphynx cat silver coin is presented in a bespoke coloured case and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Denomination: Fiji $2. Weight: 31.10g. Diameter: 40.00mm. Alloy: Fine Silver. Fineness: 999.0. Mintage: 5,000.

Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx Cat has been recognised as a distinct breed of domestic cats. Their most distinguishable feature is the appearance of being hairless and a personality that has been universally praised across decades and continents. They are intelligent, inquisitive, extremely friendly breed, very loyal and affectionate towards humans. Amazingly the Sphynx cats have an ability to adapt its personality to fit the desires of its human companions and operate out of their intuitive senses rather than instincts.

Sphynx are also alert, agile highly active cats perfectly capable of entertaining themselves for hours. Their lively antics are a constant source of entertainment for their owners. They just love attention and the company of humans. Their very nature is to love and be loved through the intensity and devotion exchanged with their human companions making them a befitting class of 'Super Cats'.

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