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Lord of the Rings: Saruman Staff Pen - Noble Collection NN9347

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Lord of the Rings Replicas and Props - Noble Collection

Lord of the Rings: Saruman Staff Pen - Noble Collection

This Lord of the Rings Saruman's staff pen feature the Saruman the White's staff held by the White wizard since he became the member of Istari. This staff is magical and it was used to overcome Gandalf at Orthanc. Capture the essense of the staff of Saruman, an inspired replica creation that now wields the power of a pen. Measures 6 inches in length.

The Lord of the Rings Saruman Staff pen is an authentic merchandise produced by the Noble Collection under license.

Noble Collection

The Noble Collection invites you to share in their passion for history, artistry and craftsmanship. In their quest for perfection, they have sought out the most talented and acclaimed artists, sculptors and craftsmen from around the world to create some of the finest and most detailed works of art and reproductions available today. Products that are so painstakingly designed and crafted that they become precious heirlooms to be held, displayed and appreciated.


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