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Hogwarts Gringotts Bank: The Gringotts Coin Collection NN7234 Noble Collection

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Hogwarts Gringotts Bank - The Noble Collection

Hogwarts Gringotts Bank: The Gringotts Coin Collection by Noble Collection

This Hogwarts Gringotts Bank coin collection features three coins produced from the feature movie Harry Potter under license. Each Galleon, Sickle and Knut coin is individually struck in rich detail and plated in either 24 karat gold, silver or copper. The set contains 1 of each coin and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Gringotts Wizarding Bank is the only bank of the wizarding world, and is owned and operated by goblins. It was created by a goblin called Gringott. The Gringott Wizarding bank motto is Fortius Quo Fidelius, a Latin phrase that means "Strength through loyalty".

This Gringotts Coin Collection is an authentic merchandise produced by Noble Collection under license.

Noble Collection

The Noble Collection invites you to share in their passion for history, artistry and craftsmanship. In their quest for perfection, they have sought out the most talented and acclaimed artists, sculptors and craftsmen from around the world to create some of the finest and most detailed works of art and reproductions available today. Products that are so painstakingly designed and crafted that they become precious heirlooms to be held, displayed and appreciated.


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