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2013 Father of Modern Olympics Copper Coin - Baron de Coubertin - 150th Anniversary - British Virgin Islands

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Commemorative Coin Collection

2013 Father of Modern Olympics Coin - Baron de Coubertin - 150th Anniversary - British Virgin Islands

This 2013 Father of Modern Olympics coin celebrates Baron de Coubertin's 150th birth anniversary issued by the British Virgin Islands. The coin features Zeus's face along with his hand holding a globe with the winged Victory standing upon it, a design based on an image taken from the medal awarded at the first modern Games.The coin is presented in a cloth pouch complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Denomination: $1.50. Weight: 47.00g. Diameter: 48.00mm. Alloy: Copper. Mintage: 3,000.

Father of the Modern Olympics

Le Baron Pierre de Coubertin was born in 1863 with the name Pierre de Frédy in Paris. In his early 20's he visited England as he was intrigued with the English public schools. Having noticed on the playing fields how organised sport can create moral and social strength, he wished to revive this concept that was first developed by the Ancient Greeks. It was this approach to education that he felt the rest of the world had forgotten. He dedicated his life to the revival of what we now call 'The Modern Olympics'.He was also intimately involved with the first modern Games in 1896 which were held in Athens eventually becoming president of the International Olympic Committee. It was after the 1906 Games that he saw the growth in popularity and support for the Olympic Games. He remained an Honorary President of the IOC until his death in 1937.Contestants during the early inaugural Olympics were given a Silver medal and an olive branch for the winners while runners-up received a Copper medal and a laurel branch.


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